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Two rabbids riding their shopping cart in the Junkyard

The junkyard is one of the main locations in Rabbids Go Home and Rabbids Invasion (TV series). It is the most important one as this is where the Rabbids building their pile to reach the moon. Before they had planned their scheme to reach the moon, the rabbids used to sleep on top of street lights, but upon discovering that there weren't enough street lights for all of the Rabbids to sleep on, they soon began to build A huge pile made out of human objects.


  • A very similar junkyard appeared on a mini game of the original Rayman Raving Rabbids entitled Bunnies don't like pigs.
  • It is similar in Rabbidland, a trash dump area that the Rabbids live in Rabbids Invasion. It also serves a similar role, as it is both where the Rabbids live and carry out most of their attempts to reach the moon via their harebrained schemes.