Joe is a human seen in Rabbids Go Home, frequently seen at least once in each level.


He is always dressed in a Santa Claus costume, despite it not being Christmas season in the game. He has a deep voice and pretends to be Santa.

He can be attacked three times. The first two times, you will receive hamburgers from him, and the third time, you will receive more hamburgers and his clothing.

Upon removing his clothing, he will panic and reveal that he is just a man named Joe and that he was only wearing a costume.

Quotes Edit


"Ho! Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho ho ho!"

"You better be good, or no presents for you two!"

"Uh...I guess I'll just head back to the North Pole then, huh? Ho ho ho!"

"Dasher! Dancer! Oh, where's my sled when I need it?"

"I'm not really Santa Claus!"

"Hey, keep the bag! A gift from me to you!"

"Hey! Hey, my name is Joe! I kid you not!"

"Don't even bother checking under YOUR tree!"

"That is NOT what I call being good!"

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