I'm a Gangster is a song heard in the Rabbids Invasion (TV series) episode Rabbid Soundtrack. It is performed by an unknown singer and heard on the MP3 player the main Rabbid listened to. While the song has no known in-universe singer, the one whose voice was recorded for the song seems to be David Gasman.

Lyrics Edit

Yo, yo, yo, representing the Middle Coast

Yo listen to me, my boots are mean, they're to hard for your granite

You step up on me and you wind up on your fanny (butt)'

(cut off by the rabbid singing in his own language)

....Cause i'm a gangster, i'm a gangster

I ain't no hamster, don't look like hamster

And i never put my clothes in a hamper

I just leave them on a pile on the floor

(voice in a distance): Oh no, you didn't!!!!

Then i go off to the store and buy some more, yo

Cause i'm a bad bro.....

(once again cut off by the rabbid singing and defeating his opponent)

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