Hypno Rabbid is the 46th episode of Rabbids Invasion ( TV series)


Two rabbids hyipnotised Professor Barranco 3 and are making him to silly stuff.


The episode begins with Barranco 3 bossing his minions around, forcing them to carry him where he wants and making them humiliate themselves. However, when ordered to cool Barranco down, a rabbid grabs a windmill-like toy and blows it, causing Barranco to get in a trance whilst watching it. Happy that now he can't tell them what to do, the rabbids decide to give him a taste of his own medicine. They force him to do humiliating things and serve them. However, they accidentally put him back in his normal state by clapping, but they soon put him back into a trance again. Afterwards, the two get in a big fight about who gets to control him. Soon, they destroy the windmill-toy, getting Barranco back in charge.


  • The main antagonist(s):Barranco and his minions.
  • This episode reveals that a rabbid can get hypnotised by looking at spinning objects.

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