A human from Rabbids Go Home

The human is a recurring character in the rabbid series. They first appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 opening cinematic and in some of the shooting games. Humans return in Rabbids Go Home with estrange resemblance to the Miis found in the Nintendo Wii's Mii channel. The humans in Rabbids Go Home are depicted as the dull inhabitance of the city who are everything the rabbids aren't. They live simple lives working hard, driving courteously, and Shopping.....a lot of shopping. They hate any dirty spots and love their stuff. In Rabbids Go Home, in order to protect their stuff, they become The Verminators to combat the Rabbids and protect their stuff. Most of them do not have notable names, but here are the ones that do:

  • Sandra - an assistant who gets called to her boss' office for unknown reasons and rides a moped. The Rabbids often have to follow her through high security office areas (known as limited time zones which are used by People Company Enterprises Inc. to increase productivity in their employees.
  • The Boss/Mr. Director- the boss of the People Company Enterprises Inc. He is seen in pictures standing in front of a clock or statue, a prime target for the Rabbids. He is later turned to be the tertiary antagonist of the game.
  • Nurse Betty - a nurse who falls in love with a patient called Barney. Near the end of the game they get married.
  • Barney - a patient with some kind of oversize acne on his head who falls in love with Nurse Betty. He is in a hospital bed with a bubble top. The Rabbids use his bed to get to higher places. At times he seems to be unaware of his surroundings and thinks the Rabbids carrying him are Nurse Betty and doesn't realize what is going on.
  • Jennifer Barns - A meek employee of the Boss who works as one of The Verminators in "Hold Up In the Hanger". She is sent by the boss to stop the Rabbids from stealing the Landing Gear XL Stuff.
  • Smith - An employee of the Boss who works as one of The Verminators in "Hold Up In the Hanger". He is reluctantly sent by the boss to provide support to Miss Barns.
  • Santa Claus (Joe) - A man (or possibly a group of men) dressed as Santa Claus, who has a habit of appearing in odd or out of the way places. He carries a sack full of Hamburgers and must be attacked several times in order to obtain all his stuff (including his clothes save for his Santa hat). Once his clothes are removed, he will break his Santa Claus act and claims his name is Joe and insists that he is not really Santa Claus. In Country Free For All level/mission, a group of Santa Claus appear holding the pieces of pipes the Rabbids need to access the level's XL stuff, a old broken down station wagon.

In Raving Rabbids Travel In Time, historical characters appear such as Leonardo Da vinci, King Arthur and Christopher Colombus. Humans return in Rabbids Alive and Kicking. They can be seen running around the city chased by Rabbids. If you look closely in some minigames from Alive and Kicking, there can be seen humans running around with rabbids stuck to their heads. Also, old ladies are seen chasing rabbids with a stick.

Although the Rabbids sometimes cause mischief, they can sometimes try to bond with them. For example, in a trailer for Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 a rabbid is invited to a boy's house and seems to like the boy and his father. He plays Wii with the boy and later has dinner with him. Possibly meaning that some Rabbids may have befriended some humans. In one of the cutscenes for Rabbids Go Home the rabbids pick up a baby carriage and shout at the baby at first, but when the baby starts to giggle, one of the rabbids smiles at the baby and says:' Awwwwww', meaning they do not mistreat children, but rather find them cute. In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, when the rabbid first enters the museum, he encounters the professor, who is also the owner of the museum. The professor runs away from the rabbid without the rabbid doing anything wrong. The Rabbid follows the professor around the museum but it is unknown if the rabbid just wanted to play with him or if he wanted to attack him. They also like to play sports with humans as seen in some videos.

In Rabbids InvasionEdit

Humans also appear in Rabbids Invasion. Some humans like Gina Xenson, John Charles, and Kevin are antagonistic towards the Rabbids, while others like Alice and John Charles' boss are more friendly towards them. Some like Jacques Garrett and Grace are only antagonistic towards the Rabbids if they cause them trouble with their antics or see the Rabbids as dangerous like the teenage Rabbid conspiracy theorist, Zak. Most humans seem to ignore them and usually just go about their daily business. In the series, the Rabbids are shown to have a habit of imitating human behavior they see such as talking on cellphones.

Humans in Rabbids InvasionEdit

  • John Charles/Cody - One of the series main recurring antagonists. Often seen working in various occupations such as a Security Guard, Air Traffic Controller, Photographer, etc. However his most recurring occupation has been as a scientist researching Rabbids with his colleague, Gina Xenson. A few episodes hint his hobby is playing chess.
  • Gina Xenson - One of the series main recurring antagonists. She works alongside John Charles as a scientist researching Rabbids. Though initially positive that the Rabbids may possess some intelligence, she eventually becomes frustrated by their innate stupidity.
  • Louie Clouseau & Mona Clouseau - A recurring elderly couple who appear in the series. There relationship with the Rabbids fluctuates between neutral to semi-antagonistic.
  • Grace - An attractive and active young woman who is often seen exercising, playing tennis, and other activities. In Special Agent Rabbids, she is kidnapped and placed bound & gagged next to a time bomb inside a warehouse, though is eventually rescued by a Secret Agent with the "help" of two Rabbids. Though she is usually neutral towards the Rabbids, their antics sometimes annoy her.
  • Stacy - Grace's friend who she often plays tennis with. Like Grace, she is usually neutral towards the Rabbids, but their antics sometimes annoy her.
  • Homer - A black ops special agent who is tasked with rescuing Grace in Special Agent Rabbids. However his mission is complicated by two Rabbids who are fascinated by his night-vision goggles, however he eventually manages to rescue Grace with "help" from these same two Rabbids. He is a parody of Splinter Cell's protagonist, Sam Fisher.
  • Jacques Garrett - A police officer who is antagonized by the Rabbids in Rabbid Radar.
  • Thimothy Gluant - A spoiled young boy who occasionally antagonizes the Rabbids. He is revealed to be Louie and Mona's grandson in O Come All Ye Rabbids.
  • Alice - A sweet young girl who unlike most humans is friendly towards the Rabbids and often plays with them.
  • Zak - A well-meaning teenage conspiracy theorist who believes the Rabbids are aliens plotting to takeover the Earth.
  • Zoe -

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