Holy Rabbid-Cow! is the 45th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).


The rabbids are tryng to catch a fly.


Two rabbids, amazed by flies, decide to capture one to have. They get in a contest over who is the first to capture a fly. They both try their best but each rabbid fails miserably. One rabbid even accidentally lands in dirt and starts to stink, causing his opponent to laugh mockingly at him. Soon, they notice a large amount of flies on a cow. Thinking this is the solution, the two try to get close to the cow, one even going as far as to dress up as a cow himself. However, the filthy rabbid's stench causes the flies to get attracted to him. He instantly swallows the flies to capture them, causing him to be able to float due to this. A the end, the cow dressed ends up angering the cow, causing it to attack him, while his opponent smiles at this.


  • The main antagonist(s):the cow-dressed Rabbid