Helpful Rabbid is the 34th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


A Rabbid is determined to be a helpful assistant.


The episode begins with a rabbid finding an ID card of a scientist. Believing it is an assistant card, he puts it on and decides to be an assistant to a smart rabbid. He first goes to Professor Mad Rabbid, who accepts his position, but tries to test his Magnet Underwear on the rabbid, causing him to get hurt and run away, frightened. He then encounters Lapinibernatus, who is having trouble with the TV time machine, as the signal doesn't work. He decides to hire the assistant rabbid to make him set up an antenna on the TV time machine, knowing that it gives a heavy shock when touched and being hesitant to do it himself. However, the rabbid, upon fixing the antenna accidentally warps to the middle ages where he meets someone who is only spoken to as the ''Lord''. The Lord takes a liking to the rabbid and decides to make him his assistant. However, they accidentally warp to a newer age where they accidentally make a young inventor's computer invention work after playing the Apple-shot game, which the Lord achieved in and warping back to the present (also revealing that the young Inventor was a Steve Jobs-like person who started a company similair to Apple Inc. because of his experience). Here, the Lord and the rabbid decide to go eat something, while Lapinibernatus's TV time machine is once again left in pieces, with Mad Rabbid laughing at this.