Glow Rabbid is the 65th episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

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Plot Edit

A Rabbid accidentally swallows a flashlight, giving him the ability to glow.

Summary Edit

The Rabbids are once again trying to get to the moon. One Rabbid scares a Hardhat Rabbid and he drops a flashlight. The rabbid then causes mischief and panic with the flashlight, even ruining their chance to get to the moon. His mischief quickly gets out of hand and the Rabbid accidentally swallows the flashlight. However with a flick of one of his ear, it allows the Rabbid to glow. The glowing Rabbid is then used for a lot of thing. A thong Rabbid uses him as a tanning. Later, an environmentalist Rabbid uses the glowing Rabbid as a light for his fridge, but he freezes. The Rabbids immediately unfreezes him and uses him to light up their disco ball, causing them to have a dance party. Unfortunately, it's cut short when the Rabbid rolls electrocutes himself and rolls off the disco ball, causing more panic. The Rabbids then go to sleep, but the glowing Rabbid wants the party to continue, but instead, he gets kicked out by the other Rabbids. He's then shown sadly walking through a neighborhood when all of a sudden, Zak kidnaps the Rabbid so he can analyze his DNA so he can "save" the world. However, it backfires when he tries to analyze him, the Rabbid's self glowing ability causes his radio to make music rather than electricity. It then causes Zak's entire house to glow. He tries to grab the Rabbid, but misses and allows the Rabbid to escape. Soonafter, the Rabbid then uses his powers to make the entire neighborhood glow and he parties in victory.

Trivia Edit

Main antagonist: Zak (at the end)