The Future Drone is the main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion (TV series) episode Lost Ball Rabbids.

Biography Edit

In Lost Ball Rabbids, a rabbid uses a time machine to get a bowling ball that has gotten over their fence. He travels in the far future where he finds a self-aware Drone. He brings him to the present and orders him to use his laser to bring the ball to them. However, the drone only focuses on the trash in the Junkyard and keeps destroying the Rabbids's stuff due to the health hazard the junk represents. The rabbids try to stop him, but he imprisons them in forcefields. Finally he targets the giant ramp the Rabbids use to try to go to the moon, not paying any attention on putting the Rabbids in danger in the process. However, the nerdy Rabbid manages to get the bowling ball, climb the ramp and tries to throw the ball at the drone. The Drone dodges the attack ant is ready to blast. However, the bowling ball hits one of the forcefields and is backfired at the Drone. Causing him to malfunction and disabling all of the forcefields. At the end, the Rabbids use the now powerless Drone as a ball for their Football game.

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