Jimmy Dynamite (named revealed in Rabbid Escape), usually called Fugitive and later burgular is a major antagonist of Rabbids Invasion, appearing as the secondary antagonist of the episode Rabbid Mollusk, and as the main antagonist of Rabbid, Are You There?, Safe Deposit Rabbids and Rabbid Escape. He appears again as a minor villain in Rabbid Elevation and Super Rabbid.

During Rabbid Mollusk he is escaping from the police, at the end Gerald falls on his car window and they crash, he then gets out of the car and tries to escape but falls uncocius, and the police arrests him.

In Rabbid, Are You There? he tries to rob the Buck's house but the rabbids keep getting in the way, the rabbids later set off an alarm and he tries to escape, only for the False Psychic to fall on him and knocking him out. He is presumbaly arrested again after this.

In Rabbid Elevation he stole something and tried to escape through the elevator, Deputy Garrett was there but didn't recongise him and thought it's just a costume, however the police arrest him again very soon after.

In Super Rabbid he is only seen robbing a bank with a mask of a woman's face, however the police show up quickly and arrest him yet again.

In Safe Depoist Rabbids he spies on the people of a bank agency who have codes for the safe he plans to rob. After he opens the safe he sees the rabbids and they leave. He tried to take the money, but ended up getting locked in the safe. He screams in despair as the police arrive and presumbaly arrest him.

It is possible that he is one of the Three burgulars in Rabbid Stick-Up, however this is later proven wrong as he is revealed to have a diffirent thief name than those three.

In Rabbid Escape he is arrested by the police, however he apparently called for his helpers to break him out. Unfortunately the rabbids accidentally take the car and drive like crazy. He attempts to get out but keeps failing. At the end of the episode, the doors are broken, but he accidentally rams into a nearby cactus. He then tries to fill the van up with fuel but the rabbids don't allow him to, soon, he completely feds up with them and comes back to the police, whom he pleads to take him to prison.

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  • Because of the fact that every time the police arrests him, he appears in a later episode where they arrest him again. It can be suspected that he escapes prison alot. This is even seen in the first episode he appeared in: Rabbid Mollusk.