Flying Rabbids is the 19th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


A Rabbid tries to learn how to fly in order to impress his crush.


The episode begins with a pilot rabbid in a flying vehicle impressing a female rabbid. Soon another rabbid comes who equally likes the female. He decides to impress her even more by warping back in time and bringing her a singing minstrel. But this doesn't work as she is only interested in the flight of he other rabbid. Jealous, the rabbid warps back again and takes a model of a wing from a research room. But upon trying to fly he keeps falling, as he only has one wing. He goes back once again and takes the other wing. Finally, he manages to successfully fly and impress his crush. However, the pilot rabbid is angered by this, so he kidnaps the female and flies away. The winged rabbid follows him and manages to save the female, causing her to lose her wig in the process. The pilot goes in pursuit of the two, but they all end up crashing down. The two male rabbids decide to end their feud, until they see a seagull wearing the female rabbid's wig, causing them to fall in love again.