Flight of the Rabbids is the 43rd episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids want to fly


Professor Barranco 3 decides to earn fame by being the very first rabbid to fly. He orders his minions to find a way for this while he tries to obtain seagull feathers to do so. Meanwhile, his minions see a baloon bearing the resemblance of a rabbid given to a kid, so they follow it and try to get it. Afterwards, we see Barranco obtaining the feathers, but falls anyway, he gets more feathers but the result is the same. We then see the rabbids taking the balloon from the kid, and the balloon floating away. Causing the rabbids, who were holding on to it to float away as well. Soon, they falls down on a pole with music speakers attached to it, awaiting for their leader, who uses paper to take flight, albeit temporarily. Soon, he encounters the man whose selling the balloons, who then fills him up with helium due to him constantly bothering him. This causes him to fly, but soon he runs out of helium and ends up stuck in the same pole as his minions who, thinking he could fly, throw him off, and then throw themselves off.