Female Rabbid 1

Becky The Female Rabbid with the Geek and Elite

A Female Rabbid is a Rabbid counterpart of the opposite sex. She is possibly the ONLY female Rabbid, considering that most rabbids usually wear disguises to make it seem like they are female. She is a blonde Rabbid who wears lipstick and usually dresses in a pink outfit, her voice is also slightly higher pitched than the rest of the Rabbids. She is not playable in any of the games, however, she appears in various viral videos from the Rabbids series including the Gamescom video for Rabbids Go Home, in which she is trying to infiltrate the Ubisoft Gamescom along with a Geek Rabbid and an Elite Rabbid. She also appears in the 2009 Christmas video for Rabbids Go Home, where she receives a thong as a christmas gift. she is close friends with the rabbid quatrio.


The Female Rabbid appears very regularly in the Rabbids comic book series. However, in the comics, she appears to be wearing tennis balls that make it seem like she has breasts.

Rabbids InvasionEdit

In the TV series Rabbids Invasion, a Female Rabbid appears in the episode Ring! Bwaah!. However, she is not wearing any clothes, and only has her blonde hair to identify her as female, however, this might only be a male Rabbid wearing a wig. In Get in Line, Rabbids, a male Rabbid accidentally ends up with a blonde wig on his head and get mistaken to be female by another Rabbid who immediately falls in love.

She also appears in Rabbid Games,. She appears in "Dream On, Rabbids!" making a cameo wearing a bikini and walking behind a rabbid with sunglasses and a yellow bow tie. There's a error that her hair turn into black.

In Vampire Rabbid, A rabbid grows the same yellow hair after it puts growth lotion on his head. And later gets the same large teeth and a large hairy like scarf around it.

A black-haired female rabbid serves as the main villain of the episode Rabbid Dummy. Where she is convinced that a ventriloquist dummy is a real person so she obsesses over it and forces the rabbid ventriloquist to make it move and speak. Even if it means kidnapping him and harming him. Soon an accident happens where she thinks that the dummy died and calls the FBI rabbids to help. The ventriloquist hides in a dumpster, thinking they'll go after him. However, due to the idiocy of the FBI rabbids, it is the female who is arrested.

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