Excalirabbid is the 36th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Professor Mad Rabbid accidentally sends his Multi-Purpose Plunger back to the middle ages.


The episode begins with Professor Mad Rabbid enjoying a lovely afternoon and his assistant cleaning up his lab. However, the assistant has trouble with his work as he is cleaning with a toothbrush, Mad Rabbid decides to help him by using his Multi-Purpose Plunger and using it to spawn a mop for him. However, the rabbid accidentally uses everything he's not supposed to, angering Mad Rabbid and causing him to start chasing him all around. The rabbid escapes by getting in the TV Time Machine and warping in it. He goes back to the middle ages where he accidentally spawns a sword out of the plunger and causes it to get stuck in a rock. Meanwhile, the Lord from the previous episode Helpful Rabbid, revealed to be named Sir Roland, is seen angrily walking to the woods, having been corrupted by his power with time and losing his castle because of this. He sees the sword in the rock and mistakes it for the Excalibur sword. He pulls it out and proclaims himself the new ruler of Brittany, he mistakes the rabbid for a British person and forces him to use the TV time machine to warp him and his minstrel to ''Brittany''. Mad Rabbid recognizes the sword from his own invention and tries to take it. However, Sir Roland, having become a lot more vicious in the past attacks Mad Rabbid and actually tries to kill him. Mad Rabbid however, manages to use his gadgets to fight Roland and his minstrel and tries to take the Plunger away from him. Unfortunately, Roland keeps taking it back, until Mad Rabbid uses a gravity gadget to send Roland high in the sky, causing him to drop the Plunger and getting it back to Mad Rabbid. Mad Rabbid then throws Roland and the minstrel on the TV Time Machine and warps them back to the Middle Ages.

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