Cowboy Rabbid is a recurring character in the Rabbids Franchise.

The Games Edit

His first appearance was in the first Rayman Raving Rabbids game where he was in the first person rail shooter segments in the western levels.

He later appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 in the minigame O.K. corral.

He also appeared in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time as one of the unlockable costumes.

The Cowboy Rabbid later became of the six playable characters in Rabbids Heroes.

The TV Series Edit

The Cowboy Rabbid is a recurring character in Rabbids Invasion. He first appeared in Wild West Rabbid, looking for the Rabbid who destroyed his rocking horse.

He later appeared in Rabbid Invaders trying to help two of his buddies get to the moon.

In Rabbid Stage Coach, he is portrayed as the sheriff, looking for the Thief Rabbid while also protecting his eggs and dealing with his two arguing Mexican colleagues.

In Feathered Rabbid, He is selling chickens with one rabbid trying to constantly take his chicken so he can get to the moon, but Cowboy Rabbid catches him.

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