The Coliseum only appears in the original Rayman Raving Rabbids, It was one of the main settings of the game, as it was the place where Rayman could access the mini-games of each day. The colisseum is very large, and contains a wide area where bleachers full of hundreds of Rabbids are found.

The colisseum has four small entrances that lead to a mini-game, the fourth entrance is usually a rhythm based game. Once at least three of the four trials are completed, the fifth and final entrance is unlocked and Rayman is free to enter it in order to complete the final trial of the day. The fifth door is very different from the rest of the entrances, as it is very large and contains a gate, and most notably, a large, metal Rabbid at the very top. The other four entrances each contains a round,green light at the top, and various signs that point at the entrance. Each sign is written in a different language such as Aqui( Spanish). The most notable element in each door is that it is lit from the inside until you have successfully completed the mini-game. Around the colisseum, there are also small cells where Baby Globoxes are imprisoned, and a large gate where Serguei usually carries Rayman through.