Cartoon Rabbid

A Cartoon Rabbid

A cartoon Rabbid is actually a normal rabbid which has been rendered in 2D. It first appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids Tv party, where they invade Rayman's tv set and transform into cartoon rabbids. Cartoon Rabbids are not playable in this game. cartoon rabbids soon return in Rabbids Alive and kicking. They are featured in rabbids crash tests minigames. Cartoon Rabbids take a lead role in the facebook game: Rabbids Invasion. where they are used to invade all the buildings in the game.

Rabbid InvasionEdit

Rabbids Invasion Cartoon Rabbid on the Moon (Rabbidroid)

Cartoon Rabbid on the Moon in Rabbidroid

In Rabbidroid, John Charles uses an animated film of a Cartoon Rabbid to try and teach a Rabbid to take pictures of moon rocks in order to use the indestructible Rabbids for space missions to the moon, however it fails due to the Rabbid's stupidity, causing the scientist to create a robotic Rabbid instead.


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