Capri Sun is a company that makes juice in pouches. Ubisoft has a partnership with this company and is most notably to have placed this product on its Raving Rabbids games

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV PartyEdit

During certain Mini-games, a micro game will occassionally pop up and will parody a commercial. Sometims, a Capri Sun commercial will be parodied by the Rabbids. It usually involves a Rabbid drinking a Capri Sun, when suddenly the rabbid will be harmed in painfully and comical ways, later the commercial will pop up its iconic respect the pouch logo, which a rabbid responds to by saying Bwah bwah Bwah Bwah, which means respect the pouch in Rabbid language

Rabbids Go HomeEdit


The Capri Sun billboard from Rabbids Go Home

During certain levels, the Rabbids will pass by billboards advertising Capri Sun that read Respect the Pouch, a reference to Capri Sun's "Respect the Pouch" ad campaign. Also in the level "Wack-A-Wabbid" in a cutscene a Rabbid stabs a Capri Sun pouch with a swordfish, only to have his head transformed into a swordfish itself, in a magical manner similar to the Respect the Pouch commercials. Interestingly, it is one of the few pre-rendered cutscenes as it features their default un-customized appearance. Additionally, Capri Sun pouches also appear as XS Stuff.

Rabbids Go Home Capri Sun Pouch Rabbid (Inside the Wii Remote)

The unlockable Capri Sun Pouch costume from Rabbids Go Home

A Swordfish with two Capri Sun pouches on its rostrum (sword-like nose) appears as an unlockable customization accessory for the Rabbids which is a reference to the aforementioned cutscene. There is also an unlockable Capri Sun Pouch Rabbid figurine (basically a Rabbid dressed like a Capri Sun pouch) which can be applied to the Rabbids as costume via customization that includes a straw accessory.