Cannonball Rabbid is a Rabbid that appears in Rabbids Go Home.

Role in Rabbids Go HomeEdit

The Cannonball Rabbid is one of the main protagonists of Rabbids Go Home, however unlike the two main Rabbids (who use the Shopping cart), the Cannonball Rabbid remains unseen inside the Wii Remote and only appears when he attacks. The Cannonball Rabbid can be used to attack enemies and breakable objects. When it attacks it is fired out of the Wii Remote like a Cannonball, hence its name. Like the other two Rabbids, the Cannonball Rabbid can be customized and used to play mini-games inside the Wii Remote.


  • When attacking it shouts "Bllllaaaaaaawwwwwwshhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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