Bunnies Very Useful Scientific Facts

Bunnies Very useful scientific facts were the first promotional rabbids video series released on 2006 in order to promote Rayman Raving Rabbids. It consists of a camera zooming in on a rabbids, who is attempting to perform and action (such as playing soccer or milking a cow) but later, upon realising he is unable to do it, he wields a random object and tells: BWAAAH!!!!!! The video later shows a panel that says : Bunnies can't....(play soccer, milk cows, scare people) and then it shows a panel that shows BUT THEY CAN DANCE, then it shows a scene with a few rabbids dancing to a disco-style tune along with Rayman. Videos promoting Rayman Raving Rabbids for mobile devices said BUT THEY CAN FLY and BUT THEY CAN DRIVE


Bunnies Can't play soccer

Bunnies don't do vaccum cleaning

Bunnies don't milk cows

Bunnies never close doors

Bunnies can't play with fireworks

Bunnies can't cook eggs

Bunnies can't take baths

Bunnies can't cook turkey

Bunnies can't infiltrate games convention

Special Videos

Bunnies can't scare people (halloween special)

Bunnies can't date (Valentine's day special)

Bunnies can't stand christmas (Christmas special)

Bunnies can't phone

Bunnies can't surprise

In 2007, Bunnies won't shout (New Year's Eve special)

In 2011, the King Rabbid can defeat Rayman

In 2013, the King Rabbid can drink Bunnygock

In 2014, the King Rabbid can have birthdays?

In 2012, the King Rabbid can trick or treat?