Sandy (fan-named Brutus) is a character and the janitor in episode Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner.

In the episode the rabbids are constantly playing around the mall during closing time. He doesent seem to notice until they turn on the vacuum cleaner, which he turns of and tries to kick them out, however thanks to the cook rabbid putting too much hot saus in his lasagna he has to go to the bathroom time and time again. He later returns to kick them out again only to need to go to the bathroom once again. At the end of the episode he ran out of toilet paper and uses a rabbid who is covered in it instead. In Dream on, Rabbid he is called Sandy by a elder woman, revealing his true name.


Friends: Brian

Enemies: Rabbids

Nicknames: The Janitor

Weapons: his Vacuum.

Quote: Come on, you guys

Commanders: none

Fate: runs out of toilet paper and uses a rabbid that is covered in it instead.


  • He is the second villain in the franchise to sing in the series.

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