A single reccuring dog (nicknamed Bob) antagonist and later protagonist in Rabbids Invasion. Appearing as the secondary antagonist of the episode: Rabbids Say Cheese and as the main antagonist of the episodes: Special Agent Rabbids, and Sticky Rabbid. A minor villain in some other episodes like Schnoz Rabbids and finally a secondary protagonist in Dueling Rabbids. But is then a neutral character of Rabbid 2.0. He is a Doberman.

In Rabbids Say Cheese, he tries to attack Professor Barranco 3 and the other Rabbids but constantly fails,At the end, The rabbids hide by covering themselves in Barranco 3's pictures, but Barranco 3 doesn't because he didn't notice him, he then chases after Barranco 3.

In Special Agent Rabbids he is now a guard dog owned and tries to stop Homer from saving Grace. But he saw one of the Rabbids and attacked him, he continues doing that in the entire episode. In the end he befriended the other Rabbid while Homer managed to save Grace.

Bob is the main antagonist of the episode Sticky Rabbid, as he destroyed the sticker the rabbids wanted. Even though one of them befriended him in his last appearance

In Dueling Rabbids. He teamed up with the third rabbid to save the second and first from Mona and her dog Fifi. At the end he scares off Fifi and Mona and latter charges with his friend rabbid at the first one.

In Prisoner Rabbid. He helps the rabbids get the ball from the road.

In Rabbid Doggies. He and a Rabbid play with a ball.

In Rabbid 2.0 the present rabbids torture him with an important and dangerous part of their Ancestor's time machine. And after he get's it back and leaves them defenseless. Bob attacks them. But the Ancestor saves his predecessors by electrocuting him with the machine part,and he runs away.

In Rabbid Associates he is the secondary antagonist, he attacks the rabbids and forbids them from entering a heavily guarded area, however he is later scared away by a rabbid.


Full Name: Bob The Dog

Allies: Rabbids, Fifi,

Enemies: Rabbids (formerly), Professor Barranco 3 (Rabbids Say Cheese and Schnoz Rabbid), Fifi (formerly), Ancestor Rabbid,

Other Names: Guard Dog.

Weapons: His teeth

Quote: (bark), (dog cry), grrrrrrrr.

Fate: Befriends the Rabbids.