Biker Rabbids is the 14th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Lapinibernatus joins a biker gang.


After a rabbid biker gang steals a part of Lapiinibernatus's TV time machine, he decides to join their gang in order to get the part back. Upon asking the to let him in, they refuse, saying that he doesn't have the gang tatoo simbol on his chest. So they draw it on him. Later, whilst driving, they try to teach him how to make a mess and do damage to property. However, he only cleans the mess up and manages to get two other rabbids to join him, angering the leader. Lapiniberantus then tries to take the part but fails again. Afterwards, the gang gets thirsty, so they use Lapinibernatus as a smashing object to make the soda fall out of the vending machine. It is then that the two rabbids decide that Lapinibernatus should be the leader, so they give him the part. However, the original leader challenges him to a race to the top of the Junkyard Ramp in order to see who gets the part. The leader tries to cheat by pushing Lapinibernatus off his ride and taking it for himself. However, he accidentally crashes, allowing Lapinibernatus to take the part back. At the end, he tries to finally use the TV time machine, but is the stopped by the two biker rabbids, who are now his fans.