Being Rabbids is the 1st episode of season 2 of Rabbids Invasion

Plot Edit

After John tries to make a rabbid smarter,he suffers the full consequence.

Summary Edit

John tries to give a rabbid some of his intelligence after his plan on sending one to the moon fails.But it goes wrong and swaps the two's minds.After the rabbid realises this,he gives him a taste of his own medicine.At the end Jessica comes and sees that the rabbid (John) talks,but still thinks he's stupid so she opens a trap door.Which sends the rabbid John falling down. dodofo

Trivia Edit

  1. It was unknown if John will ever get back in his normal body, so there was a second part to clear it up.
  2. Antagonist:at first it's John,but later the rabbid becomes the true villain.
  3. This Is The First Time In The show Thunder And Lightning happen