Being Rabbid - Part 3 is the 24th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion as well has a continuation to the episode Being Rabbids and Being Rabbid-part 2.


Gina's brain is swapped with a Rabbid's brain.


The episode begins where we left off last time, Gina's mind has switched with a rabbid

. John tries to fix it but instead accidentally throws Gina down the pipes and into the rabbid Junkyard. There she meets Lapinibernatus, who instantly falls in love with her. He proves to her that he is an intelligent rabbid who can understand her. Whilst hiding the other rabbids from her, he helps her and tries to impress her as much as he can. Soon, Gina creates a machine that will make her human again. She then offers Lapinibernatus to become human with her so they can be together. However, just then, John jumps down the pipes, knocks out Lapinibernatus and takes Gina. With Lapinibernatus's heart broken. Gina is then restored to normal and angrily beats John up for not listening to her when she pleaded him to take Lapinibernatus as well.

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