Being Rabbid - Part 2 is the 29nth episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion as well as a continuation to the episode Being Rabbids. All episodes with John as a human before this episode and after the first part is a continuity error.

Plot Edit

After the mind switching events of the first part, John attempts to fix his current situation


John (as a rabbid) is throw out of the lab right into the junkyard, where the rabbids make him the new leader due to him able to talk normaly, he decides to leave them in order to fix his situation but the rabbids do not want him to leave, while Gina suffers with the rabbid inside John's body. But soon Gina manages to get John to the lab, which gives him the chance to explain everything. A big disaster then begins as Gina overloads his machine and electrocutes herself, John and the rabbid. In the end John get's his body back, but then the rabbid and Jessica switch places and she ends up being a rabbid.


  • Main antagonist(s): John and Gina.