Animal Rabbid is the twenty-first episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


An experiment goes awry causing one of the Rabbids to speak in animal sounds.


The episode begins with the Scientist rabbid being hired by Professor Mad Rabbid to clean up his lab. However, his horrible singing causes Mad Rabbid to lose focus in his research, so he tries to shut him up but fails, he then creates a potion that is supposed to mute the Scientist Rabbids voice, but instead causes him to speak in animal language. Having fed up, Mad Rabbid kicks him out. The same soon happens to all the other rabbids, they kick him out of the community. Angered, the scientist rabbid decides to take revenge after realizing he can speak to animals now. He creates an entire army and enslaves the rabbids. He forces them to crown him the leader and to let him sing. After seeing this, Mad Rabbid tries to stop him but fails. He then creates another potion that will cause the animals to speak the rabbid language. He puts the potion in numerous darts and shoots all the animals with it. Causing the Scientist to lose his power. For punishment, he is forced to finish his cleaning job while the animals get use to speaking Rabbidish. The episode ends with Mad Rabbid creating a potion that causes his ears to disappear so he doesn't have to listen to anything. Finally happy, he continues his research.

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