An Alien Amongst the Rabbids is the 33rd episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


An alien visits the junkyard and tries to find a spacecraft to take him home.


The episode begins with a rabbid walking in the woods, collecting rocks that taste funny to him and putting them in a small box. As he is doing this however, he sees an UFO flying around him. He tries to make friends by throwing one of his rocks so the UFO can take it, but accidentally causes it to release a small blue alien out of itself and goes away. The rabbid tries to make friends with the alien, but he declines and tries to find a spacecraft that will get him home. The rabbid takes the alien to the Junkyard, where he tries to show him some rabbid vehicles that will help him get back. However, the vehicle that the alien takes doesn't work, so he decides to take a bigger one. Unfortunately, he is forbbided this by another rabbid, as it is for a pilot rabbid. The blue alien, wanting to get home as soon as possible, decides to try and take it but fails. He then tries to make the rabbids give him the vehicle by using his powers. But this is not needed anymore as he sees his UFO returning and slowly taking this. He bids a farewell to the rabbid that found him, even though he didn't like him that much.